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Author Topic: MKBHD Reviews The Nexus 6!  (Read 2247 times)


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MKBHD Reviews The Nexus 6!
« on: November 18, 2014, 01:34:17 AM »

MKBHD star Marques Brownlee has just released his Nexus 6 review and we've got it embedded above.  Marques is a huge Android fan as we all know and thus has been eagerly awaiting the Nexus 6 with Android Lollipop installed so that he could dive into it and let us know what he thinks.   Starting with him giving his take on the physical build and design of the Nexus 6 Marques shows how big it is compared to some other leading large phones. Some of the wins are the stereo speakers, thin bezels and massive display.  A neg is the sloped back which makes it unstable when set on a table despite being comfortable to hold.   A good amount of time is spent pointing out some cool features of Android Lollipop and then we get to see how the Nexus 6 performs, some talk about battery life and the turbo charger, the camera and video,  plus more.  Give it a watch up above and let us know what you think of Marques's take in the comments below.

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