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Title: N6 Android 5.0.1 Sprint
Post by: albiewan on December 25, 2014, 09:00:31 PM
Perhaps this forum will offer more insight and solutions to help me wade through a few remaining "little" bugs that are (apparently) common to other users.  I am on a non-rooted N6 running 5.0.1 within an area covered very well with Sprint LTE-Spark.  Other than doing a factory reset (ugh) my daily ritual of cache clearing and soft reboot seems to get better performance through the day.  However, I still have the following issues:
1) multiple outgoing text messages (seems to have been fixed with the recent 5.0.1 update?)
2) random non-ringing on incoming calls (very frustrating)
3) switching to speaker-phone on calls sometimes does not work at all, then have to fight with the phone to get it to switch back to normal ear conversation, very laggy
Prior to the update, I had a freaky N6 that made me wonder if I made a bad choice as I was also considering the Note 4.  However, I wanted to experience the "pure" Android OS without bloatware so the N6 seemed the best of the two.  Again, I don't want to root the phone.  I just would like some advice on the above issues.  Thank you.

Title: Re: N6 Android 5.0.1 Sprint
Post by: samuelhoyt91 on December 26, 2014, 12:47:29 PM
       I can't say that I've experienced the speaker phone issue, but I'm on AT&T with moderate reception most of the time.
       I have noticed the random non-ringing on calls, and sometimes I RECIEVE duplicate text messages (only a few times though).
       Not sure how to fix either, but it hasn't become a real issue for me. Also, I'm on 5.0 rooted
Title: Re: N6 Android 5.0.1 Sprint
Post by: syeung84 on February 10, 2015, 09:31:49 PM
I have had this issue also with it send multiple of the same texts to my recipients!
Title: Re: N6 Android 5.0.1 Sprint
Post by: vunderkraig on April 08, 2015, 09:36:58 AM
I've had the first two, plus random reboots. In not sure if other carriers have the same issues. I've had the phone replaced but same issues. Mine is direct from Motorola, not a Sprint rendition.